Champions League fixture – Marseille vs. Manchester United – first half report

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Champions League fixture – Marseille vs. Manchester United – first half report
It is honours even at half time between Manchester United and Both teams are playing with 4-3-3 formations, almost cancelling each other out.
The atmosphere at Stade Velodrome is tense, for a change. United defender got a lot of stick from the Marseille fans – this being his first game on French soil since all the drama that took place in the French squad during the world cup. Sir
Alex Ferguson's men made a bright start. Nani was way off-target with his shot from a distance but United attacked with purpose in the initial stages.
ManU continued to threaten, Wayne Rooney had a goal-bound shot blocked by Meanwhile, Nani was wreaking havoc down the right flank.
Marseille settled after the first 10 minutes and played a bit of keep-ball in their own half but lost it as soon as they pumped it forward. ManU’s play got a wee bit scrappy too, with running into a couple of dead-ends, but they were still having
the better deal.
Marseille striker Brandao tried an ambitious acrobatic effort from the edge of the area. He flicked the ball up and volleyed it goal-wards. A good idea in theory, but in practice, he made a mess of his shot and Edwin van der Sar saved it with ease.
Despite all the early possession, Manchester United’s first meaningful attack came when collected it easily.
Wayne Rooney was playing on the left with the 4-3-3 formation and the striker was trying to do his best to assist Berbatov in the centre. had a forgetful half with at least three misplaced passes. The final 10 minutes or so of the first half
were quite cagey as both teams looked determined not to go in the break a goal down. The second half promises much more to offer, as ManU would love to go home with an away goal. While Marseille know that their best chance of getting through to the final eight
would be to travel to Manchester with a goal in their bag.



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