Cleveland Browns mull Colt McCoy’s trade, starting role goes to draft QB Brandon Weeden-NFL News

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Cleveland Browns mull Colt McCoy’s trade, starting role goes to draft QB Brandon Weeden-NFL News 
Even though the Cleveland Browns backed quarterback, Colt McCoy, throughout the offseason, and lately were rather vocal and open about his return to the side next season, they are mulling to trade him.
The choice of the trade has come a day after the management picked Brandon Weeden on very first day of the 2012 National Football League (NFL) draft, which commenced on Thursday April 26.
Weeden, 28, is Browns’ second first-round pick with overall ranked at number 22, coming out of the Oklahoma State College.
McCoy’s departure seems to be inevitable, as according to Browns’ general manager, Tom Heckert, they are going to weigh in the new quarterback for the starting position.
Although he has not conceded in clear words that the management has made the choice of parting ways with McCoy, he confirmed they were going to look into the matter.
He said:
"It's something we'll talk about tonight and tomorrow."
The GM has not hinted at all if they are going to give McCoy another option such as playing at a backup position or will be straight to trade him off to any other team.
Still, he has made it clear that they will not be waiting too much for Weeden to take over the starting role and will place him at the position straight after the start of this season.
Even Browns’ coach, Pat Shurmur, who has worked with McCoy for only a year has backed the new arrival for the starting role.
"I wasn't concerned about his age. I was impressed with his maturity and production on tape. We became very fond of him."
The coach said that he has spoken to McCoy and added that "he gets it, we're all grown-ups."
McCoy, who suffered a head injury into later part of the 2011 NFL regular season, has reportedly recovered and according to the coach he is “doing fine.”
There is also a controversy that before signing Weeden, Browns had assured McCoy that they did not intend to take a QB in the first round of the draft.
Since the signing of the new QB, the management has denied talking to McCoy about the matter.



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