Cleveland Browns’ mum on QB Colt McCoy’s move elsewhere in league – NFL News

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Cleveland Browns’ mum on QB Colt McCoy’s move elsewhere in league – NFL News
With rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden showing clear signs of improvement, the Cleveland Browns are most likely to spend this season with him as a leader and the situation appears set to further add to the uncertainty around the prospects of the incumbent
Colt McCoy.
Colt nevertheless has so far stuck with Browns as a backup quarterback, not asking for his release as per his initial plans while Browns’ management is also silent so far about the future move.
It seems that the arrival of new owner Jimmy Haslam has quietened the situation so far but the move of Colt in a trade or under any other arrangement still remains on the cards. Since the team is yet to offer his trade, no team has so far been linked to
facilitate Colt’s expected departure from Cleveland.
President Mike Holmgren, who has lately been involved in the team’s affairs more actively, might make a statement about Colt’s option in the near future, most probably at the end of the preseason or after a couple of weeks of the regular season.
Some commentators believe that the management does not want to make a hasty decision given Brandon is yet to prove his credentials as a starter in regular season. Since the playing conditions in the actual season are more competitive and tougher, they might
take a toll on the rookie’s performance, leaving Browns with Colt or Seneca Wallace – the other backup quarterback.
Weeden did not perform well in the preseason opener but showed signs of improvement in the second game against the Green Bay Packers. Also, coach Pat Shurmur apparently is waiting that the rookie bounces back strongly, hinting at his dissatisfaction over
the level of form the rookie has shown in the initial couple of preseason games.
Once Browns are content with Weeden’s performance as an offence leader, the question of Colt’s prospects is going to resurface strongly again. A real timeframe and planning of his exit from Cleveland can be expected from Browns then. Otherwise, the QB seems
to be secure and safe.



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