C.C. Sabathia shines as New York Yankees reach ALCS – MLB New York Yankees Update

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C.C. Sabathia shines as New York Yankees reach ALCS – MLB New York Yankees Update

Manager Joe Girardi will be very pleased with what he saw from the New York Yankees in American League Division Series Game 5 against the Baltimore Orioles.
With their win at Yankee Stadium in New York, NY on Friday, October 12, the Yankees also made it to the American League Championship Series for the second straight season. New York will be facing the inform Detroit Tigers in the best of seven ALCS and it
will be interesting to see if Girardi and company can continue their good work to reach the World Series finals.
"It's just unfortunate a lot of guys got cold at the wrong time," Adam Jones said.
Without a shadow of a doubt, Girardi is a man on a mission. His father passed away last week but he still continued to manage the team. Credit should be given to him for keeping the players focused on the task at hand despite his personal problems.
"They are a very good club and they are a very resilient club," Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi said. "You have a bunch of young kids over there that just play the game the right way and play hard. And you think about it, we played 23 games, and there were
four runs that separated us. It's an accomplishment for both clubs because they never went away. People thought they were going to go away, they never went away."
Starting pitcher C.C. Sabathia produced a match winning performance for the Yankees as he allowed just one run in nine sharp innings to lay the foundation of an impressive Yankees’ victory. Sabathia is one of the key member’s Yankees pitching rotation and
it will be interesting to see if he can continue his excellent form during the ALCS to help New York move past the Tigers.
Raul Ibanez had a great time on the plate as he earned an RBI single to centre in the fifth inning to put open the scoring for New York. Ichiro Suzuki added a double to deep right centre in the sixth and Curtis Granderson belted a solo home-run to right.
The Yankees will be looking to carry their winning momentum forward and battle it out with the Tigers in the ALCS.



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