England’s Tom Ford grabs overall lead on Day 1: 2012 Championship League Snooker Group 7

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England’s Tom Ford grabs overall lead on Day 1: 2012 Championship League Snooker Group 7
After putting up some impressive performance at the Crondon Park Golf Club in Essex, England’s Tom Ford clinched the leading spot in the 2012 Championship League Snooker Group Seven. The Englishman had a superb start of the event with four marvellous wins
over Wales’ Dominic Dale, Ryan Day, China’s Ding Junhui and Scotland’s Marcus Campbell on the first day.
The Englishman began his Championship League Snooker run with an outstanding clash against Scotland’s Marcus Campbell. Despite the fact that the match was one of the most tussling matches of the event but still the English potter showed great resilience
from the beginning. He went 2-2 level at the end of Frame 4 and dragged the match into the decider frame where he pocketed a cracking knock of 123 to hit the victory by 3-2.
The Leicestershire cueman moved into the second clash against China’s Ding Junhui. This contest seemed a piece of cake for the Englishman as he cruised into the victory by an easy score line of 3-1. The 2012 Welsh Open winner, Junhui had no chance to capitalise
against Ford and dropped down quickly.
Ford’s third clash was against Ryan Day, the Welshman. Day had a superb impact on Ford in the beginning but after a while, he started slowing down and Ford took advantage of his mistakes to clinch back-to-back frames and nudge him 3-1 down in the end.
Ford’s final encounter of the day was with another Welshman, Dominic Dale. Ford’s performance against Dale was scintillating as he did not let the Welsh potter score even a single frame and cleared the table with sensational snooker shots to earn a whitewash
win by the score line of 3-0. Dale did try to get back into the game in Frame 3 but it was too late for him to strike and Ford swept the baize with impressive potting.
The 28-year-old Ford took the opening frame in one visit by the score line of 96-0 as he fired a massive break of 96 points. Ford faced a little resistance from Dale in the second frame but he managed to win it by 70-33 after hitting a small break of 33.
The third frame of the match was a bit tussling as both potters went neck and neck to win the set but in the end, Ford stole the show with his classy 59-point clearance.



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