It is possible if we find a job in town without working permit visa?

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It is possible if we find a job in town without working permit visa?




  1. Maybe you can try but these days immigrants can not find a job without an employment authorization, immigration laws are so strict now that employers don't do any of that anymore.

    If you attempt to work in the US illegaly and the Federal Police catches you in the move, you will be deported and banned for like 10 years, most likely be about 1 - 2 months at an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) detention facility.

    better to apply for an employment authorization and do it the right way than taking that risk...

  2. It is possible to find a job without a working permit visa. It is also illegal to work without a working permit visa.

    It's possible to steal food from a grocery store, but that does not mean you're allowed to rob the food.

    It's possible to walk down the street naked. That does not mean that you are allowed to be nude in public.

    Get the idea? It's possible to commit an illegal act. It's also possible that you'll be arrested if you work without permission.

  3. You cannot work anywhere without some form of legal authorization.

    So to answer your question.....No you cannot.

  4. Based on your poor English grammar I am basing my response on the fact that you are not a citizen. In order to work you will need to have authorization to work on your visa or a work permit. Without a work permit or permission to work you will be considered an illegal worker which may subject you to removal, deportation.

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