A friend having trouble with a visa. What to do?

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A friend of mine that lives in Costa Rica applied for a visa and was denied for no apparent reason. He just wanted a temporary visiting visa. He has no criminal record and plenty of connections in the states. Is there any way to appeal? Is there another visa he could apply for? Is there anything I could do? I realize it is difficult to get into the states from Central America, but I also know some people could get in legally.




  1. When an applicant is denied a visa, he is provided with an information sheet from the State Dept. It's possible that your friend told you that he was denied for no apparent reason, but the State Dept. regulations call for providing the denied applicant an information sheet explaining the reasons his visa application was denied.

    Often, it's embarrassing to be denied a visa, and it's easier to say that there was "no apparent reason" than to reveal the true reason.

    His only source of appeal is to wait for six to 12 months and try again. If conditions in his life have changed which would make him more likely to be successful on his next application, then it might be worth a try next year.

    The huge number of illegal aliens in the U.S. from Costa Rica forces the State Dept. to be strict and doubtful when they adjudicate visa applications.

  2. The "connections" he needs to prove are in Costa Rica.  He needs a letter from his employer stating that he's on leave of absence and his job is waiting for him, he needs his mortgage papers or apartment lease, he needs to show a year's worth of bank statements, stock certificates, car registration and title, etc....

    He needs to PROVE that he'll return to Costa Rica.  US law requires all applicants to PROVE they will leave the USA at the end of their visa.

    There's no appeal.  There's no right to a visa, it's a privilege.  He can apply again when his circumstances in Costa Rica change.

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