Requirements for a civil wedding - filipino marrying an indonesian?

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I'm a Christian marrying to a Muslim girl from Indonesia. it doesn't matter even if we are different in religion. i just want to know what documents should i prepare before going to Indonesia, where should we go for our wedding, do i need a (tourist) visa for my travel? How much will it cost (estimation) for my wedding? How about the legality of our marriage? Hope someone can provide answers on my query. thank you very much.




  1. Unfortunately, Indonesia doesn't aknowledge different religions wedding. According to the law, both of you have to have a same religion (that's why lots of different religions couples got married abroad).

    Unless you are willing to become a muslim then there's no way you can have a civil wedding done here.

    Why don't you ask her to find out more about the detail requirements for what documents are needed for you to get married here.

    The wedding cost are varied but it's not that expensive if it's just the civil one, the expensive part is the wedding reception.

    Good luck!

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