So neither candidate for president cares to stop illegal immigration? am i hearing this right?

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and in fact are in favor of granting them amnesty! wow, you know that in other countries if we were ilegal we would at least be deported. but not in america no sir. in america (los estados unidos, in our new language) we can all come over, every body is welcome. h**l if that fence wasnt up on that 600 mile stretch i might've thought that our two contries were one in the same. now this is only a problem for me when there are illgeals who refuse to assimilate. legal hardworking hispanics are welcomed by me first because they speak english at least when their talking to me and they share in americas values (funny doesnt seem to be many of those here anymore). so while this may be deleted i know i can at least have my 1st amendment for five minutes.




  1. They are both leaning towards some kind of amnesty. I think they both care about closing the border. Wow incredible answer from Lurker!

  2. You're exactly right that any other country in the world would deport illegal immigrants. America should do the same! The fact the Southwest was once part of Mexico is a moot point! If illegal immigrants hate America so much because of the Mexican-American War, then why don't they stay in Mexico?!

  3. Ok, let's go through this one point at a time.

    Obama has never said he favors amnesty and wants to increase penalties for companies that knowingly hire illegal aliens. McCain co-sponsored the Amnesty Bill, but has since backed away from it. Basically, whenever someone asks a McCain staffer where he stands on immigration, the guy asks, "What day is it?"

    Deporting illegals is like digging a hole in the ocean. No matter how fast you shovel, the water flows right back. It's the employers who have to be targeted. If there are no jobs for illegals, they won't come. In fact, for the past few months, illegals have been leaving the US in significants numbers and telling their friends not to come because the US economy sucks so bad.

    Many of the "legal" immigrants you encounter are probably illegal, but trying hard to be Americans. And, one thing you have to admit is that Latinos, legal and otherwise, are doing a better job of assimilating than African Americans--many of whom don't speak intellible English despite it's being their first and only language.

    The illegal immigration issue is bogus. We've had illegals in the US for as long as anyone can remember and the Republic has survived.  What making a fuss about it does acheive is to divert attention away from H1b visas, which bring hordes of LEGAL aliens into the US to steal GOOD Jobs.

    Edit: Thanks for the thumbs up, Cheelicious. I love your avatar.

  4. It would seem so, although I would trust McCain more on this issue because if Obama is elected he and his party are guaruteed to support amnesty.

  5. yup   they both want to grant amnesty.

  6. No, McCain said he no longer supports the bill he co-wrote with Kennedy in '05 on Immigration reform.  We don't know the specifics of what he wants anymore, just that he has flip-flopped so much he won't vote for his own bill.

    Obama has never said he wants amnesty, McCain did.

  7. I say let them have amnesty... don't get mad welcome it instead... you gain nothing by being angry about it... so cheer up!!!

  8. That's pretty much the double talk.

    They are only catering to the large corporations and biz's that break our laws by employing such people.

    They are both looking for those numbers as being higher than any other quadrant.

    Fact is, 70-80% of Americans at large want the illegals removed and the problem of them being hired stopped.

    Our Sen and Reps know this and are shaking in their boots to make a change. They will pay if the make a mistake  and they know it. Plus, it is better for the criminal employers, if the solution to this problem is NEVER met. The longer they can keep it going, the better.

    That allows the illegals to be further victimized and mistreated and the employers make more $$$$$. Ironically, the presence of illegals and the damage they have done/do continues and the economy hurtles to the ground.

    There is much evidence that people in States are taking matters into their own hands and throwing the illegals out, not hiring them and basically scaring them on down the road.

    Be CLEAR here ...Presidents DON"T MAKE LAWS. Senators and Reps do this. They can weigh in but I rather suspect that both of these Pres b***s will waffle when whomever is elected. Either they are stupid or foolish to do ANYTHING after being elected on this issue. Let it ride and hop on it's back wherever it goes will be the tack.

    The Senators are the one's holding the cape and the sword. The BULL of illigal immigration will charge on them soon enough under the geers of the angry crowd, and if they don't lower the sword and kill the Beast, ...the crowd is going to come out of the stands and do away with the matador.

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