Is there such thing as a bug that goes in your ear and lay eggs (not the so called pincher bug)

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  1. earwigs

    ear mites but  not that common

  2. The earwig is known as the pincher bug but as far as I know any bugs that lay eggs in your ear are totally fictional. As are ones that eat your brains and eardrums out etc. There are many urban legends about this and they're probably all BS. Bugs can get in your ear but it's really unlikely eggs would ever survive or hatch. If your ear (nose, mouth butt or whatever) was such a great place for bug hatching why don't we hear more cases of people with "maggot ear" and why don't they sell "Earwig remover" in the drugstore in the ear aisle? Probably because it doesn't happen very often! Really, when was the last time you ever heard of someone having bugs hatch in them?

    A person may get intestinal worms, ringworm on the skin or whatever but there is plenty of info about this on the web. There are ear mites but those don't usually attack humans and if they do it's on other parts of the skin and they generally cling to the outside of the ear where there are more capalaries. Ear mites go where there is blood. This could be most anywhere but probably won't be able to cling to a surface coated in earwax. Even in animals, it's rare the mites are in the ear canal, unless there are a lot of them.

    For a laugh, I did a search on "ear bugs" and didn't come up with much evidence of this existing. There were a few cases of bugs getting trapped in someone's ear but they usually died and had to be removed by a doctor and were really painful etc. Nothing was mentioned about human deaths, brain eating or hearing loss from it though. There was nothing (nothing TRUE I add) regarding bugs laying eggs nor hatching or eating tissue, eardrums or whatever. If a bug did manage to lay eggs, it would be way too hot to survive in there anyway and probably get flushed out by earwax. Which is probably unpleasent enough stuff to deter a bug from crawling in there to begin with.

    So fear not, as far as we know there aren't any bugs looking to take up residence in your ear! And if they do, it's probably a fatal mistake for the bug and he/she will be just as miserable as you! If it's a she, I don't think any potential mom would have her babies in a hot, narrow, waxy, sticky cave lined in spiky hairs with a strange, constant pounding noise coming through the walls on all sides! That's pretty much what an ear looks like inside. When you really think about it, nature made our ears gross for a reason!

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  5. immune system of our body tries not to allow any foreign micro-organism to enter.. that's why our body is covered with skin and mucous... any opening of our body like nose, ear, eyes. mouth, anal and genital organs contains mucous.. these mucous trap have the capability to trap any macro/micro organism.... in nose we sneeze and in eyes it comes with tears but in ears it forms a wax like substance which we call as ear wax. this trap the organism and make us feel irritated so that we can clear it out..

    thus, when we are alive no bugs can enter..our immune will never let them.. but after our death when our body start to decompose then organism can come and live in our body...and off course lay egg

  6. yes, all insects can do this. It isn't only the ear, its the nose mouth eyes and "any" o*****e in the body that contains warmth to house the laid eggs.

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