Dowe eat spiders in our sleep? it makes me wonder!

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wat i am not a monkey? Are u frickin kiddin me




  1. statistically, yes. you swallow at least one spider in any given year.

  2. we do... and no ur not a monkey(u nod ur head as u swing from a tree and eat a banana) what does that have to do with spiders

  3. not if you keep your mouth shut

  4. h**l if i know..

    do you think i have a viedo camera set up in my room...

  5. i think no

  6. I always wondered about that myself. I had some guy not too long ago tell me that we swallow a dozen spiders every night while we sleep. I said "Heck no!"

  7. yes but you die after 6 hours

  8. i really dowe dowe dowe dowe dowe dowe dowe dowe dowe nowe

  9. no its myth spiders are small but they do have survival instinct they are not goin to crawl into a windy tunnle of slobbery snoring death

  10. i wonder

  11. no but with food standards what they are you would be surprised and grossed out to know the conditions that are considered clean where your food is grown stored and processed.

  12. no its a myth lol~~~No girl below me you dont, its a myth its not true.

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