Earwigs (pincher bugs) on our porch!!?

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How do you get rid of (or at least deter) pincher bugs on our deck?

We have a covered wooden deck, and often sit out there for hours enjoying the nice breeze :) However I am constantly being bitten by those stupid pincher bugs!!

Is there anything I can put out to make them not want to be on the porch? It's not so bad as we need an exterminator. But I would like to be able to sit out there without being pinched!





  1. Hi,

    holy cow, i would freak.


    scroll alllllll the way down on this page for some info:


    the sodium light sounds easy enough.

    and boric acid is great for many types of bugs.

    Good Luck

  2. They don't like cucumber peelings - the more bitter, the better...try putting them along the base of your deck and hope they don't come up between the deck boards!

  3. Those are some good ideas.  If your deck gets wet from watering plants you want to get away form that.  They like damp tight places.  Under a flower pot or between moist boards is like a welcome mat.  As long as those conditions persist, any that you get rid of will be replaced.  They also don't like diatomaceous earth (from a pool supply) sprinkle it around they won't cross.

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