Bugs Bugs and More Bugs (READ DETAILS)?

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  1. no jokeing ,please try rent-o -kill.

    if they cannot help they will give you other agencies.

  2. Are they real small? If so they may be fruit flys. If you have anything food out in your house this will attract them. Also I think they might lay maggots so clean up any food. Even if you have bananas out that will attract them. I'm not sure how to get rid of them maybe you could put a cup out with water and some kind of food in it that may attract them and they will drown. That I'm not sure of  that but it doesn't hurt to try.

  3. Clean your house real good, open all cabnets, drawers, inside doors and bug bomb it.  Then clean your house again!

  4. Fruit flies like to swarm around sweet things.  They are small and gnat-like.  If that's what they are you need to make sure there is nothing sweet laying about.  For that matter, the best way to get rid of any pest is to eliminate a food source.  Try to find out where they are feeding, cut off the source and you will eventually eliminated the problem, after their reproductive cycle has been cut off.

  5. I used to have a problem with extremely tiny moths/gnats? I couldn't tell which, the resembled gnats but were fuzzy like a moth. Any way I noticed them mostly around the sinks. When I flushed them with bleach, it ended the problem.

  6. i think you should ask this question in Zoology or Biology.Unless they're ghost bugs.

  7. fruit flies. usually live in window sills.

  8. They are just trying to find a nice place to spend the winter, with a meal every now and then too.  Bad bugs, bad! bad!  Flea bombs kill just about everything.

  9. Hi sounds like you have lady bugs, there bad they sneak in before you know there in.knock one down on floor watch see it fly back up,yes lady bugs are hard to kill, best used sweeper suck them in the bag, toss them in trash bag and all,if don't your hole home be pack all around corners, hanging on ceilings .

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