Rape fantasy.........?

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i often have a rape fantasy (me being raped) and yes i know its weird.i also know that most people who have that fantasy were sexually abused in some way.the weird part is ever since i was younger i had some feeling that i was molested or raped.its a very strong feeling that it happened but i dont remember it possible that i've blocked it out?




  1. Perhaps you should speak to a psychologist about it.

  2. this is by no means a good thing to fantasize about.

    ur sexual taste is violent. making love is supposed to be beautiful not hurtful.

    and the other part u may have blocked hard to say.

    i feel a little offended by ur question, since i have been molested and raped. pls take a moment to think about this whole thing. rape does not stop with the act. u can lose ur life.

    beat up beyond recognition and repair. so what is it that is soo attractive about this?? just remember there are more people out there like me, and more in the ground who can not speak.

    hope u will get over this.  

  3. First off, you're a courageous person to post this ... seriously, kudos to you for being able to frame such an issue in a manner that speaks to our sensibilities.

    Next, I'm not sure that I would categorize a "rape fantasy" as weird.  As such, try your best to move beyond whether your thoughts are being labeled by others and, instead, accept fantasy as part of the delightful continuum of our humanity.

    I'm also not sure of the empirical data on sexual abuse and rape fantasy ...there may be a relationship but then, there may also be a relationship between sexual abuse and smoking cigarettes.  Just be mindful that even if there is some relationship between these variables that does not mean it is a "cause and effect" relationship.

    I mention that (previous paragraph) in concern for "ever since I was younger I had some feeling that I was molested or raped."  Indeed, you may have been molested and/or raped and, in a very real sense, you effectively blocked it from your conscious, day-to-day life ... that is one of the remarkable attributes of us striving to save ourself.  

    However, please know that those "blocked" experiences and memories can certainly rear their ugly heads at any point in life and inhibit or prevent you from fully living your life.  As such, I encourage you to seek the advice of a counselor or therapist.

    At the same time you offer that you recall pretending to rape your friend when you were about six years old.  That also can be telling in that somehow -at an early age- even if you did not fully comprehend the word and associated behaviors of "rape" you have recollections of rape as part of your pretend world.  

    Therein may be the crux of the swirling thoughts and questions you now have as an adult.  That is, you recall rape as part of your pretend world when you were six, but you're not as firm in your recollection of the possibility that your "real" world also included rape and/or molestation.  This creates a tinderbox of emotional experiences that, hopefully, you are capable of sorting through (alone or in therapy).

    Fantasy is part of life -for all 6.7 billion of us.  Generally, fantasy provides a vent, an outlet, a means of indulging those parts of our humanness that are edited or inhibited by all the restrictions we must live with ... to indulge the fantasy in your own mind -no matter how unusual it's considered by others- is healthy ... acting it out is a discussion on a vastly different level.  Be strong -and good luck.
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