Would you like to get this?

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guys would you like to get this message from your girl:

"good morning handsome. happy wednesday! thanks for being such a great guy, i feel very lucky to have you in my life and am so glad we have gotten to be so close. =) have a great day! xoxo"




  1. that would make me feel motivated every day to wake up to that.

  2. yeah it would definetely lighten my day

  3. UMM YEAH most definitely

  4. yer except for somethings in da message

  5. Its fine just its pushing it. Just a good morning handsome thats all we need sometimes  

  6. that is much better.  see it sounds better without friend.

    please help:

  7. yea, that would be a great start to a boring school day

  8. YEP, It is always nice to know that your girl loves you, you sound like a real sweet girl! :) -- Your BF is lucky! :)

  9. Wow If I could get that that would be awesome XD (too bad I'm single lol)

    don't exagerate tho...once in a while it is great but everyday would get annoying

  10. im not a guy or les, but i think the good mornin handsome would be enuf, the other stuff is kinda a dragg :o

    just say "good mornin handsome, i luv u"

  11. I'm a girlie, but I think that's SOOOO cute! I really think he'd like it. I'm not a guy, so I don't know for sure, but I think that deep down guys really do love those little gestures. I mean, as a girl, whenever I get a sweet message from a guy, I keep it and glance at it all throughout the day thinking "Man, I can't wait to see him! I'm so lucky! Lucky lucky lucky!" XD...then the message ends up staying on my phone/e-mail for however long we're together so I can look back.

    It makes me feel great all day, and so happy to be with the guy and know him! Even if it's just a guy friend saying thanks for hanging in there with me, or saying that he likes something about me, it's great all the same.

    And ya know what? I think guys think similar things...maybe not exactly the same, but I think they still like it...

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