It doesnt feel right anymore..!?

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I was going out with this guy Luis for 3 years. But 1 month ago we broke up. Im not trying to sound fruity but he had a place in my heart you know. He was the only guy that i was sure if i lost it would break my heart..witch he did....Anyways he went out with this girl for about 10 days then she broke up with him and everybody was saying that he was sad and that he loved her and ****. and a few days later he asked me out again. He was saying that that other girl was a joke and stuff but i was so happy to have him again that i didnt even care. But now i dont feel the way i did before when i was with him. Before i would be all bubbly and happy in a good mood. But now i feel im holding just some random friend..? Do i just not love him anymore.? People tell me that we just got tired of eachother..=[




  1. Sounds like he wasn't very loyal to you and it really bothers you. If he did this once he is likely to do it again. Best thing to do is move on.

  2. It sounds like you are really hurt by his betrayal and this is your unconscious way of pushing yourself away from him.  It is more like you fear that he may do it to you again, which he probably will.  It may be best that you move forward, without him.  Sounds like you deserve better.

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