Microsoft says GMail reads your love letters

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Microsoft says GMail reads your love letters

Outlook continues offensive against Google Mail. Celebrating Valentine Microsoft created a new attack video on Gmail, which says gmail will be reading your love messages this valentine day.

Valentine’s Day was the date chosen by Microsoft to return to attacking Google. Video says,” Do you think that Google respects your privacy Think twice?”. After lashed system contextual advertising search engine” Google knows every word of every Gmail sent or received, to sell advertising.

In Scroogled page created to invite GMail users to change to their alternative, Hotmail popular remodeling, have posted a new video. Leveraging the date looking alert on violation of privacy.

Microsoft includes a list of differences between the two services and invites you to sign a petition for Google mail to stop reading your messages. The nuance is that it is not exactly a person who reads mail but Microsoft has a robot like the mailman.

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