How to make your employees happy beside paying high salaries

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How to make your employees happy beside paying high salaries? Would love to find tips and strategies. thx.

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  1. Tina Marshal

    There is nothing more profitable than treating employees well.

    It is committed to demonstrating to other companies that there is nothing more efficient and sustainable than abetting the welfare of employees.

    "Three and a half years ago I was hired to ensure that the culture and values of our company inspire the people who make our organization. First thing we did was meet 40 people in the company to reflect on what really matters. Between other things, we concluded that thinking about the welfare of employees is profitable. and the need to promote a work environment where people can work with joy and passion takes the company to the next level.

    We have realized that we are able to achieve as a company any thing, learning to think big with humbleness. the challenge is to make sure these values not only appear written in a diptych, but we actually implement them. Fire those who don’t lead by example.  Trust in your employees : do not believe in Here no record times,  employees can work from home and trust them when they say they are sick.... do not ask them to present a  medical certificate. You do not want slaves but free and responsible people.  When you try to control your people but appear to trust them, it won’t go down well.  Actually trusting employees will get them to perform the best.  


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