How to clean an xbox 360 game disc?

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I know this question was asked many times, but i do not have any scratches that are deep in the disc. Whenever I try to play Halo a bunch of white dots show up on the screen. I can play anything in the game, but these dots will not go away.

Is there a way to clean this disc with household products?

Do you think there could be another problem?




  1. hi

    i have 2 possible answers for you

    there is something that came out like 2 months ago where you put the disc put some like spray on it and then you spin the handle for a few minutes and it gets scratches off.

    or try going to your nearest game store like blockbusters and tell them they should be able to help you out

  2. I think your problem is not disc related, but maybe its the cables or your TV or the console itself. Try testing your 360 on another TV, or try playing a different game. You'll find out what's really wrong with it if you tried it. I highly doubt it is disc related.

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