Whats the damage of taking too many painkillers?

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iv been taking painkillers everday for 12 months now, nothing im proud of but im concerned im damaging my insides can anyone tell me the damage please?




  1. death

  2. Are you taking as prescribed? If you are then dependence may be your issue. If your taking them more than prescribed, liver damage, and stomach damage from too much tylenol/ibuprofen.

  3. Everybody reacts differently to medication.

    It depends on how bad your pain is really.

    The Painkillers can cause ulcers if used chronically, that is the main risk, it also can cause constipation.  Don't use laxatives because they cause pain, and then you use more pain killers and get constipated...Hitler did that it drove him crazy.  

    Whenever you start a new medicine, let your doctor know that you are taking painkillers daily, that way he can cross-check the medicine.  Heath Ledger died because he took the wrong combination of pills.

    Its a choice, pain now, or possible pain later.

  4. It depends on the specific medication.  Pterry much any of them are going to cause problems when taken chronically.  It is a choice.  If the pain is bad enough, it may be reasonable to take the risk.  If the pain minor enough that you are concerned about the side effects of the medicine, you need to get off of the medicine.

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