Some guy took a picture of me?

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just yesturday i was waiting for the bus in the morning like around 7am... and i was all by myself in the bench...when i look across from me and there was a guy with a digital camera taking pictures of me... and i soon as i saw him he got scared and put the camera away and was he doing.. all i was wearing was some jeans and a covered t-shirt




  1. well it could be that he is a major freak wanting your pictures for his privacy but if you have a boyfriend/husband or something like that he could have hired a privat investigator.. but h**l i always think of worse case scenario!!

  2. it is true that if you're in a public place it is perfectly legal(hence celebrities and paparazzi)'s still wicked creepy.  if you see the guy again call to police.  just beware of your surroundings and stay safe!!

  3. sounds like a stalker to me  

  4. it is definitely illegal.

    if it ever happens again... especially if you come across the same guy get hold of the police. maybe even try and get a photo of him taking your photo (sounds silly I know buts its good evidence). Use your phone or something

  5. WTf what a freak

  6.   It sounds like someone likes the way you look, still that's not very nice to take someones picture without there permission. Some people charge money for there pictures like Ann Jolie..I think that you should just buck up over it. I have video's's of me for who ever ask for them, but that's another story. Just feel good that others enjoy looking at you no matter how your dressed. You must be a looker from the way it sounds. Send me a picture and I'll give you my oppion.. lol...

  7. oh no! ha

  8. thats kinda weird if it happens again id say call the police  

  9. wear a winter coat and snow pants xD

  10. you are probably very young and good looking   and there are some very freaky people around

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