How would a 13-year-old girl act?

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I'm writing a book about a little 13-year-old girl who thinks she can talk to angels, but it's been so long since I was 13 (and I don't have kids) that I don't really know how she would act. Her personality is sweet and somewhat innocent, but beyond that I can't really pin her character down. Her name is Gabrielle. I just need help with day-to-day behavior - things she might do that would be 13-year-oldish. Please help...




  1. Thirteen year olds are very curious, and at the same time, they know everything or at least they think so.  Thirteen is the ultimate age for knowledge because leading up to 13 you know you have a lot to learn, and after thirteen you keep realizing how MUCH you have to learn but at 13 you know it all! :P  But its hard to sum up 13 year olds in a Yahoo! answer, so I would say (in a totally non-pedophile way) befriend a 13 year old!

  2. okay:


    will wake up and look for attention (maybe for the angels), will get dressed in something girly (a dress), when eating breakfast she will be talking as much as possible


    has alot of fun, talks to friends alot, very silly, cheking out boys ect

    no school (weekends):

    pretty much the same as before

    at home:

    likes crafts and sport

    dinner time:

    talks about day ect

    bed time:

    prayers? gets in to P.J's

    hope that helps

  3. You should not be writing a book about a 13yr old if you have to come to Y!A for help with it.

  4. unruly,does not listen to anyone,and tried to get in trouble. but then again this 13yr olds mom tries to compete with her instead of being a mother.(someone i used to know)

  5. If i were you and really wanted to know how a thirteen year old acted, make friends to one or more and get to know them, of course, you don't want it to be weird so...maybe you could work at a summer camp or something.

  6. she'll have a great imagination!

  7. she could probley be having lots of troubles with school mebay her mom and dad are mean to her thats why the angels are their for her to talk to her grandpa/ grandma dies just a bunch for problems like that i dont think you should but s*x in their like tina said that would be completely oppisite then a girl who can talk to angles im 14 and i dont think about s*x and thats a very intresing q i also write books

  8. Depends, not all 13 year old girls act the same.

    She could be shy, quite


    Curious and outgoing

    But shy and quite will match the story since she thinks that she can talk to angels

    Good luck xx

  9. shes a *****

  10. She is curious and obsessed with boys and s*x.

    you have to add that in or else she wont be believable

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