La Liga News: Bernabeu exit via January transfer Not Likely

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La Liga News: Bernabeu exit via January transfer Not Likely
Benzema had one of the worst summers one can expect. Early in the summers he was accused of having s*x with an underage call girl by the name of Zahia Dehar. Later she accused him of knowing that she was underage.
His French team mate Franck Ribery was also accused along with him on the same charges by the same vice girl. Dehar stated that she encountered both players more than once and it happened back when she was not of age.
Even though prostitution is legal in France, the underage rule prevails everywhere. Later on during the team selection period for the FIFA 2010 World Cup, then coach Raymond Domenech made a surprise decision of omitting the player from the team but he was the only star player that was excluded from the team.
However he was not the only person that was left out from the team. Samir Nasri and Patrick Vieira were also left out from the squad and this issue did raise a lot of controversy.
Eventually in South Africa the team managed a very dismissive performance. They drew their first match against Uruguay and then were defeated against 2-0 in shock defeat against Mexico.
In the last match that they were supposed to win by a lead of 4, they were in fact defeated by the hosts South Africa with a score line of 2-1.
Nonetheless that wasn’t their exit from the World Cup as the issue that nailed the final nail in the coffin for their dismissive performance was that of Nicolas Anelka. This later resulted in the French football’s version of “French Mutiny” and a brawl between the captain Patrice Evra and coach Domenech.
This was their swan song of the tournament and certainly wasn’t sung by the majestic creature but rather the ugly duckling as when they returned from the World Cup they had an enquiry waiting for them back home.
Back home their president Nikolas Sarkozy who was later warned by FIFA for involvement in French Football, organized an investigation into the poor French performance.
This was later headed by the French Football Federation, FFF, and all in all it seemed like a blessing in disguise for him over which all the player could do was laugh. But this wouldn’t last long because soon after the World Cup his verdict was due over his involvement with the prostitute.
Many experts suggested that now what Bezema needed was a change so that he could turn over a new leaf and the best way to do that would be a change of club but admittedly it would be a very hard task for one to depart at a young age from a club such as Real Madrid.
There are rumours circulating that Benzema is a wanted man by Juventus, Liverpool and Manchester United, all of them who have made unofficial bids for the player and overtime have been involved in the negotiating process.
Still it seems that the player and his agent are not interested in the move of the player as they have reconfirmed in their latest press release that a January move is not in sight.
The agent of Benzema, Karim Djaziri has stated, “The future of Karim Benzema will be at Real Madrid. Are Juventus, Manchester United and Liverpool close to a deal? I categorically deny these rumours.”
He also denied any plans made by the player for a move in the near future and expressed that he and his player were on a same page with mutual interest for a successful career. He informed, “He is a Real Madrid player and will remain a Real Madrid player.”



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