Did you watch the Republican National Convention?

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Whose your favorite speaker so far?

I thought Rudy Giuliani did surprisingly well.




  1. Are we really coming to the end of our beautiful country.

    no leadership at all. it is a sad joke.  

  2. Yeah i did

    all are terrible speakers

  3. Rudy was awesome and fun to listen to, but Sarah Palin not only hit it out of the park, she hit a grand slam.

  4. I liked Fred Thompson's speech second, Palin's first, Giuliani 3rd

  5. none of the above , there all liars, and you want 4 more of the h**l we have have had go for it. U must like all the high gas prices we pay are your dad owns a oil company . Are seeing are kids get killed for nothing.

  6. I thought they were all very inspiring, patriotic, and made me proud to be an American just like I have been all my life!

  7. I've been watching.  Best speech at the convention has been Fred Thompson.  But Romney is the man.  Mitt in 2012!

  8. yes i did.........i am in the uk and i was shocked by the whole was just negative politics by slagging off the opposition and frghtening the electorate by saying the world will end if the democrats get in.the world is watching this now that tv is truly global and i dont think it does the cause of how usa is seen around the world any favours at all...........the whole thing was shameful and if the usa votes in this lot of pit vipers then the world is doomed

  9. did for a few but, got disgusted with all the rich snobs in the crowd showing off there gold and pearls.

  10. I've seen it up to today. Will watch today's speakers after work...that's the bummer about being 13-17 hours ahead of the's 1.30pm Thursday here.

    I have to say I'm not really impressed by it so far, but they've had a tough job, so I'm prepared to cut 'em some slack.

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