Republican National Convention protesters-thoughts?

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Police in St. Paul arrested 163 people at the protest march, including alleged vandals, peaceful protesters, and several journalists, among them Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, who was seized when she questioned the detention of two of her producers.

Anyone thinking, 'it's about time' or is it just me?

Anyone think that the whole idea of the protest was a "bad idea"?

Anyone sorry they couldn't make it?




  1. I kind of wish I had been there as I have never participated in a protest and flexed my First Amendment rights. I was pretty disturbed by the arrests of Amy Goodman and Matt Rourke after the pushing into traffic/arrest incident with the ABC reporter at the DNC. Equally disturbing is the allegation by Goodman that members of the Secret Service came and took away the press passes of her and her producers after they were arrested. The fact that the New York Post photographer with the Democracy Now! producers was not arrested also strikes me as a little odd.

  2. many violent Republicans were at the DNC??  Anyone?....Anyone at all..

    Edit:  Notice the word "violent" in the sentance there....yes there were protesters, but there weren't any "Violent" Protesters.

  3. Protesting a war by starting one in our streets, real smart ( not ! )

  4. peaceful one was fine.

    The one with the violent people got what they deserved.

    ... Yes, lets throw **** at the police, wreck houses and burn c**p and see what they do.

    Way to violent, if you don't like something go into politics and try to change it yourself, don't destroy some random b******s car.

  5. I see no point in protesting a convention. I recently witnessed a bunch of protesters shouting against China at the Hudson River in NYC. I thought just how ridiculous this was. No one pays any attention to protesters, except to oppose them. Protests produce their own opposition. There is no point in it. The left is doing the right's work, and vice versa.  

  6. you want to know what they were thinking? Stop the War.

  7. Democrats suck a**

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