Does anyone else feel sorry for Palin's kids?

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Does anyone else feel sorry for Palin's kids?




  1. What's to feel sorry about except the vicious attacks by the media?

    No, I don't feel sorry for them. They live in a two parent family with loving parents.  

  2. No, why should I.  Sarah Palin is more than capable taking care of her kids.

    The news is juicy when it comes to s*x and they don't let go.

    The Laws of the Land says it is against the Law and it is illegal to be in possession of drugs let alone use it. There is no Laws of the Land that that says it is against the Law to have s*x before marriage. So by not bashing Obama what he did 22 years ago shows that many approve what he did and afraid to bring up the subject because the bashing the Palin's are getting will fall right back where it belongs, to Obama who outrightly was a law broker.  Better to take the pebble out of ones eyes before the beam gets stuck in there.

  3. Yes the little baby having to have a spit bath by his sister, so cute. The daughter I wish she would've unglued her hand for her high school sweetheart.

  4. Sort of. I know what you mean, but I have a feeling they're cut out of the same tough cloth that their parents are. Adversity builds character, so they should grow up to be great adults. Still, it's not fair, but they'll rise above it.  

  5. I did. It must be hard having a pit bull for a mother.

  6. It's tough being thrust into the spotlight so quickly.

    Just a week ago they were just living their lives...then this happens...

    I know I would be in perpetual shock!

  7. yes. Blind ambition to the max. she doesn't care if this hurts her kids. did you like that dog and pony show with Levi?

  8. i don't

    that daughter of hers is a total s**t

  9. yeah

  10. NO

    Proud of the whole darn family!

    McCain/ Palin  08'

  11. I feel sorry for her pregnant daughter.  It must suck to have your mother and John McCain throw you into the spotlight in such circumstances.  

  12. Maybe we should feel sorry for your kids.  This is a very immature post.

  13. why??? should i feel sorry for obamas kids ????

  14. h**l no, she put them out there.

    Country First

    Obama/Biden 08

  15. No, I don't feel sorry for them because I don't know them. They seemed happy enough on tv.

  16. No. She seems like a good mother.

    But I don't want her to be my VP.

  17. I don't feel sorry for them, but I believe that they have been dragged through the mud these past few days. Nobody even knew who they were last week. They sure don't deserve the negative attention that they have been getting. I don't recall all these nasty comments being directed at Obama's kids. These democrats (not all) are sure bringing themselves to an all time new low. Sarah & her kids are tough. A few words out of the mouths of fools won't break them.I support them 100 per cent - The RNC kicked *** tonight.Palin showed everyone tonight what she is made of.

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