Is this ALL the Republicans got? C'mon now.?

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I laughed the whole time. Is this IT... I think Mitt Romney did better.

Thank god McCain didn't pick him, or Huckabee, or Rudy. WOW!

(Lieberman would of been more competition) Woooowwwww.




  1. If I, for a moment, suspected you were old enough to vote, or if you had half the intelligence of my six-year old daughter, you might be taken seriously. You're just a joke.

    You can laugh at the RNC all you like. It'll even out on election day, when you're crying.

  2. It's all we got, but it's 10 times more than the Dems have.  

  3. Let's not expect too much. Remember, these are the Republicans. Look what they did to the country. So let's not be too harsh on them. They cannot do a lot. We have to lower the standards for them.

  4. Yes, its all there needs to be.

    I knowyou're shaken so hard now, you'll have to be strapped into your bed until you serve your Conservative overlords in 09

  5. I'm laughing too! This is the Republican VP? LOL.

  6. Thanks John,

    Country First

    Obama/Biden 08

    'let the games begin'

  7. No. I am laughing at your question.

    Admit it, ridicule is the only weapon you have left. Since you cannot use the truth.

  8. NO.....tomorrow we get to hear a JOHN McCAIN fun is that?

    If you want to make it interesting, drink a shot every time he uses the word 'PRISONER'.    

  9. I think Palin did great and will bring a breath of fresh air to Washington.

    Palin seemed more Presidential and sure of her positions than Obama does.

  10. I fell asleep.  Honest to God.  I did.  I was hoping to hear something new, but I nodded off before they talked on issues.  

  11. your desperation is showing!


  12. / That's all you got?  (LOL)

    Sounds like somebody's worried :)

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