Why is the Republican National Convention looking boring?

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Short speeches, and not a main Republican figures. Or they are trying to make this convention look like as a new Republican party?. I am just curious. Watched the DNC, it was like a main event, it reminded me like Wrestlemania events.





  2. Perhaps you decided that it would be boring before it started.  I've watched Wrestlemania.  I didn't see any Presidents in the ring.

  3. Short speeches really make for a better convention.  Nobody wants to hear the same speaker drone on for any longer than 15 minutes.  The fact that the DNC looked like Wrestlemania tells me a lot about that Party and it's supporters...

  4. Because they don't bother glitzing it up like the Dems do.

  5. It's because we don't have toothless morons who dance at every break.  There's a reason the DNC looked like Wrestlemania, it's the same demographic.

  6. Because there's nothing to be excited about. Republicans are boring people. A bunch of fascist, miserly stuffed shirt silver spoon fed drones. The DNC was something to be excited about, cause God in heaven knows that "8 IS ENOUGH!!" McSame and Sarah "WHO" Palin won't be anything more than the middle class mauling, keep the rich richer while keeping your foot on the neck of the working/middle class machine of Bush/Cheney. That most definitely is nothing to be excited about, it's not like anyone is going WHOOPEEE! We're going to stay in a unjust never ending war so munitions and oil investors can stay rich, while more and more jobs go over seas, and watch as the foreclosure crisis turn America into a nation full of empty houses and homeless people, as they further subvert the Bill Of Rights and rape the Constitution.

  7. Apart from a McCain history lession and everyone being proud & honoring our country - they didn't say anything.

  8. Because it's not the Democratic National Convention.  

  9. They are stiff people, humorless and creepy.

  10. It looks boring because the Republicans don't have much to celebrate.  They started a pointless war, the economy is in shambles, and people are laughing at their Vice Presidential choice.  Hip Hip Hooray!

  11. I like button down collars and wing tips.

  12. As the Democrat convention was  to me.

  13. It looked like a mummy convention.  A bunch of old folks, mainly men, trying to hold back progress in America.  Only thing coming out of their mouths was dust.

  14. i wasnt aware that electing a leader of the free world was supposed to compete with lost on tv!  its probably boring to you because they deal in a reality that most liberals either dont want to see or dont undrestand.  

  15. Because it WAS Boring! And for the record an event, especially one that is celebrating the American Democratic spirit doesn't and in fact shouldn't be boring! Fireworks, Music, funny hats, Cheering as well as pertinent issues are ALL a part of American culture and politics. You  know good and well that the Democratic National Convention was not Wrestle Mania. You are just upset that the Convention was lively, colorful, professional and very well put together. And by the way conservative doesn't have to equal boring either. The problem is that whoever put together the Republican convention is running off of old ideas. You can clearly see the difference between the two conventions; its the old standard v. the new and innovative. The Republican convention so far has reeked of the 1990s. The  Convention and indeed the Party as a whole is struggling to be contemporary.  

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