If the ACLU gets all Prison Inmates the right to vote, which candidate would that help the most?

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[Inmate Voting Rights

Our Unlock the Vote program enables people in custody throughout Los Angeles County to register to vote and cast their ballots from jail. This program, a first of its kind in California, has been used as a model by the ACLU’s national office for replication throughout the country. It was also recommended as model by the California Secretary of State's office for use in other counties.]




  1. I"m sure you don't know anything about the Constitution, so let me inform you:

    they have the right to vote.

    Except for convicted felons.

  2. Willie the M-F'n PIMP!

  3. I have very little respect for the ACLU. After they got the military banned from assisting the boy scouts because God is part of the boy Scouts pledge.

    Anyway there is little doubt that Obama would carry the Inmate vote, as would any Socialist.

  4. Without bothering to read the article you posted, I am going to guess that the incarcerated inmates that do get to vote are in jail awaiting trial and do posses the right to vote because they are not convicted felons yet.

    One you are a convicted felon, BYE BYE voting rights and I do not feel as if they should ever get them back.

  5. ACLU = American Criminal Liberation Union.

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