Price-Fury clash for British, Commonwealth Heavyweight titles least expected – Boxing news

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Price-Fury clash for British, Commonwealth Heavyweight titles least expected – Boxing news
Frank Maloney, David Price’s promoter, believes that the fight between Price and Tyson Fury might not take place, since some external factors are creating hurdles for its execution.
Frank Maloney gave his views on the expected super-fight in an interview to a reputable newspaper.
Frank is an experienced promoter with a keen insight on how things work in the boxing world, which is the main reason as to why he is wary of the fact that stakeholders might hinder. David is currently Britain’s number four, whereas Tyson is UK’s number
one heavyweight pounder.
This bout is highly important for David since he wants to prove that he is the better one of the two. Price has won this chance to take on Tyson through the British and Commonwealth Heavyweight title eliminator.
Price knocked out not only Tom Dallas in the initial round, but also nailed John McDermott in the final episode of the title eliminator. He is now the number one contender for the British and Commonwealth Heavyweight titles which are currently held by Tyson
Frank, while expressing his concerns, said that Price is in a commanding position as he can easily beat Tyson Fury. While backing up his viewpoint, Maloney said that Price knocked out John McDermott in the final of the eliminator series in just 73 seconds
of the first round.
He said that it is important to note that Tyson had difficulties in his time when he stood against John, but here we have Price who has easily nailed such a boxing maestro. Frank therefore said that it will be drastic for the young 23-year-old Tyson since
he has not lost even a single bout out of a total 17.
Frank revealed that Tyson is flying high with such a record, and a total of 12 knockouts in his baggage has opened him to a lot of lucrative opportunities. Therefore, it is possible that he might vacate the title and move on to something else. The second
genuine concern he mentioned was the fact that Maloney is related to Sky Sports, whereas Tyson is in a deal with Channel 5, and both the channels will want to have their shares in the bout which can hurt the plan.
“The situation we are in now is the same situation as when Lennox [Lewis] was a young professional and was ordered to fight Gary Mason,” Maloney while sharing his thoughts explained. “It is a total risk fight for Fury. I don't see it as a risk for David,
because it is a stepping stone - another learning fight.”
Under these hopeless circumstances, Frank has already come up with a backup plan for his 28-year-old lad, Pricey. Maloney said that if Tyson-David bout is not going to happen, he will take David to the US where he will have the opportunity to take on someone
of higher calibre and where he will strive to relieve the heavyweight division from the Ukrainian rule of Klitschko.



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