Dallas Cowboys’ Jason Witten foresees Martellus Bennett’s good future with New York Giants –NFL News

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Dallas Cowboys’ Jason Witten foresees Martellus Bennett’s good future with New York Giants –NFL News
Dallas Cowboys’ tight end, Jason Witten, has said that his former teammate Martellus Bennett, who recently joined New York Giants, has a good future with his new team, which could help him further nourish his skills.
Bennett started his professional National Football League (NFL) career with Cowboys in 2008. During his four-year tenure with Cowboys, he never played as starter, and after the end of the contract, he chose to become a free agent rather than re-signing with
the team.
Bennett asserted that he wanted a more challenging role with a team, which could trust him with more responsibilities. With Giants, he is expected to get the starting role because some tight ends of the defending Super Bowl champions are injured.
Witten was of the view that Bennett has got a great talent, which he can utilise effectively with his new team.
Witten also appreciated Giants’ tight ends’ coach, Mike Pope, and said that he could bring out the best out of Bennett.
Witten said of Bennett:
“I think he has a bright future ahead of him. Although his career hasn’t gone as he had hoped, I think he’ll do a good job. Mike Pope is a really good tight ends coach and will help Martellus a lot. Martellus is a very talented player.”
Cowboys and Giants are also going to face off in the next season’s opening game on September 5, 2012, at MetLife Stadium.
Giants were the ones who defeated Cowboys in the last year’s regular season finale to enter the playoffs and later win the Super Bowl. Had Cowboys won that game, they would have qualified for the playoffs from the National Football Conference (NFC) East
When asked about how he feels about the two teams starting the next season, Witten said that he is excited to face the defending Super Bowl champions. Although he expressed disappointment over the loss, Witten also acknowledged that Giants played well to
get the victory.
He said:
“You never know how a season’s going to unfold. But I’m excited about this. It’s fun to play on the big stage and go against the best. Who better to play than the defending champs, the Giants, at their place?”



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