Cleveland Browns’ incumbent Colt McCoy questions credibility of QB competition – NFL News

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Cleveland Browns’ incumbent Colt McCoy questions credibility of QB competition – NFL News
Cleveland Browns’ incumbent quarterback Colt McCoy has confirmed he was not given an opportunity for taking snaps with the first group.
This confirmation backs the view of a number of independent analysts that the team had made mockery of the entire QB competition when as a matter of fact they had made their choice about rookie Brandon Weeden to be their next offence leader from the very
first day of his arrival in the town.
It was only a week to the start of training camp and coach Pat Shurmur confirmed Brandon as their leader. He claimed he had respective consultation sessions with all three QBs – including Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace – before taking the final decision.
Now the incumbent’s startling disclosure in an interview to The Plain Dealer that he did not take any snaps on the starting line exposes the coach’s so-called consultation process.
Colt is clearly frustrated over the way the team has handled the entire situation, which had started at the time the team selected the first-round pick Weeden in the 2012 National Football League (NFL) draft held in April.
The incumbent reportedly was assured by the team they will not pick a draft QB in the first round, but they went for it and later denied that they had made such a commitment to Colt.
Now the competition – more or less a mere mock exercise – has been handled with the same level of unfairness, according to the QB. Colt said:
"I have not taken any snaps with the first group. I thought coming in it would be a competition."
On the other hand, Weeden in the initial remarks following the confirmation of the starting role boasted to have won it through the competition.
Still many commentators agree it is too early for the rookie to lay tall claims about prospective pro success. He is yet far away from exposure to the challenges of real game, they added.
It nevertheless puts McCoy in further difficult situation. Although, he has not asked the team for his release or trade, this remains to be the only option in front of him unless he accepts a backup role at the No. 2 or No. 3 spot unconditionally. He will
have to compete with Seneca Wallace for the backup position.
The management is yet to disclose the choice about the incumbent’s future.



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