Andrea Agnelli tells his team to focus on their next target

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The President of the Turin outfit has gone on to commend on the achievement of the club in the past two seasons, and reflected that they need to keep moving on.
The Bianconeri won their first Scudetto since their promotion back into the Serie A in 2007-08 season. Juve were pegged back and hit hard by relegation to the Serie B following their involvement in the Calciopoli controversy; the Old Lady still maintain their innocence in the matter stating that they were hard done by the allegations and the verdict by the sporting justice authorities.
The Lady Killers remained unbeaten throughout the course of last season on their quest of lifting the Scudetto and came extremely close to lifting the Coppa Italia as well, however, defeated them to the trophy in their last match of the season.
The start of this season has been promising for the club as they avenged their defeat in the Italian Cup by defeating Napoli in the Supercoppa Italiana. Juve Chief, Agnelli, went on to state that even though the club had taken great strides in becoming a trophy winning outfit, there was still a lot to achieve.
The Bianconeri President went on to state that the first phase of this project that they had started, underwent two years back when they took the onus of bringing in quality players and leaving out fringe players from the side. He was talking to the Sky Sport Italia and during his interview he went on to state:
“We set out on a journey two years ago when we almost completely revamped the team.”
He went on to mention that the work they started two years back is now bearing fruit as they have become an even more formidable outfit. He remarked that the trophies they lifted were due to the grit and determination of his team and commented:
“Now we've achieved success and we proved ourselves again in Beijing by deservedly winning the Super Cup [against Napoli]. But we must realign our sights on the next targets. Our Serie A and Super Cup triumphs are in the past now – we have to move on.”
The Juve boss was keen to reiterate to his players that they should not give in to complacency.



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