Minnesota Timberwolves quickly rising as a Western Conference powerhouse – NBA Feature Part 1

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Minnesota Timberwolves quickly rising as a Western Conference powerhouse – NBA Feature Part 1
The Minnesota Timberwolves are one of the few teams that exceeded expectations with respect to their offseason moves in order to get a good looking group together for next year.
The summer following the 2011-2012 NBA season was dominated first by the Brooklyn Nets, and then by the Los Angeles Lakers. The Nets were about to enter a new era in the history of the franchise and all set to move into a new arena
next season. A new team was hence on the cards and the owner of the club went all out as far as money was concerned. The Nets convinced point guard Deron Williams to re-sign with the club, traded for Joe Johnson, and re-signed Gerald Wallace and Brook Lopez.
They also had their eyes set on Orlando Magic All Star centre Dwight Howard and Howard too wanted to play for the Nets. However, a deal between the Nets and the Magic never came through.
The Lakers took the spotlight for good when they signed Steve Nash in a sign and trade deal with the Phoenix Suns, and then dropped the bomb on the NBA world when they acquired Howard in a blockbuster four team trade that was finalized
just last week. The Lakers will now boast a starting line-up including Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Nash and Howard for next season and are favourites to win the championship.
However, in the midst of all the breaking news surrounding the top players and all the attention on franchise players such as Williams and Howard, there was one team that made a few smart moves here and there to assemble a competitive
roster for next season without putting too much burden on their pockets. That team was Minnesota Timberwolves.
The Wolves had a highly successful offseason this year, as they were able to add some missing pieces to the team and get them ready for next season.
The Wolves were looking good even last season with the combination of Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love leading the way for the team. They seemed on track to clinch a playoff berth when Rubio was injured and sidelined for the rest of
the season. Love tried to keep the team in playoff contention but was unable to get the task accomplished alone.
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