Chicago White Sox to improve their performance in the second-half of the season – MLB News

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Chicago White Sox to improve their performance in the second-half of the season – MLB News

The Chicago White Sox are starting their Detroit venture from Friday with an anticipation of being strong enough to prevail. There has remained a prevalent notion in the past that the White Sox usually underperform in the second-half.
They started the season relatively poorly, but bounced back rather more aggressively to prove their professional competence and establish an evidence of their capacity to take on the rival teams.
When the White Sox started the season, they trailed with 11 wins and 22 losses. However, as the season proceeded, they strategised the game with more efficacies and won the upcoming encounters.
The White Sox currently occupy the 20th number in the ranking with their 44 wins and 48 losses. In the Central Division, they are the third, down a few losses to the Cleveland Indians and remain above the Minnesota Twins.
However, the way they have performed in the first half and if the record is anything to go by, they have usually failed to be as impressive at first. Their constant struggle can be put in the winning percentage which is .556 before and of .487 that follows
the Midsummer Classic.
“It's just a matter of staying consistent where we're at and keep on playing the way we have been playing for the next couple months," White Sox reliever Matt Thornton said.
The consistency goes without saying, will depend on how the pitchers and sluggers perform on the given day. The previous record of the White Sox in the second season seems to have psychological impact as well.
For example, in 2006, the same White Sox had the first season record of 57-31 but the second-half was at best disappointing. The White Sox had a 33-41 record like in 2005 when they were 57-29 in first and 42-34 in the second.
However, this time the team wants to be different in the second half. A lot will depend on the performance of the players as well. "If we get up and we get on a roll, and we play the way we know we can, the sky is the limit for us in the second half," Santos
And for the manager, the pitching will play a crucial role in the second half.
"Certainly it's part of going to the six-man rotation and protecting some of these guys, so they can be stronger in the second half," White Sox general manager Ken Williams said. "That's part of it, with a mindset that pitching will win this division in
the second half."
The game starting from Friday against the Detroit Tigers will determine how the White Sox will go about it, and reverse what has invariably accompanied the team in the first and second half.



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