Red Bull driver Mark Webber says Silverstone GP did not hurt 2012 talks with team – Formula 1 news

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Red Bull driver Mark Webber says Silverstone GP did not hurt 2012 talks with team – Formula 1 news
Red Bull’s Formula 1 driver Mark Webber has stated that he and Christian Horner talked about what happened in the Silverstone Grand Prix of the 2011 season.
Webber added that although he was not happy about the team’s call to pull away from the fight he was having with his teammate Sebastian Vettel for second place, the Aussie stated that it will not hurt 2012 talks with the team.
Webber further added that he was in for a fight and when the team wanted him to maintain the gap, he intentionally did not listen to them.
He stated that he wanted to improve his position in the race and despite the fact that Vettel was in front of him, he was very much capable of finishing second rather than third.
Although the situation right after the race was very intense as Horner commented that he would talk with the Aussie driver about his actions in the Silverstone race, but Webber states that the situation is back to normal.
“Christian and I had a chat about the situation after the race. We both put our cases forward and I think we came away seeing it from both perspectives. It was obviously a difficult situation but I still feel comfortable about what I did,” commented Webber.
He further added, “In that situation, you are hit by conflicting emotions. You want to improve your position, irrespective of who it is in front of you - especially when it is someone at Sebastian's level, whom you have to work pretty hard to get back on
Webber was fighting his teammate Vettel in the Silverstone race when Red Bull ordered him to pull out from the battle. Horner later explained that the team feared that both drivers will be out of the race.
Nevertheless, Webber’s future in the Red Bull team is going to be settled later in 2011. For now, Webber is second on the drivers’ table, 80 points behind Vettel.



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