Alex Ferguson denies Manchester United’s interest in Wesley Sneijder

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Alex Ferguson denies Manchester United’s interest in
Manchester United manager, Ferguson has gone on to deny any and all allegations, which stated that the club were looking to make a move for Inter Milan midfielder, Wesley Sneijder.
The manager has gone on to state that he has been reading rumours about this alleged move, which is not going to happen. As a result, he has no option but to come forth and turn down these rumours as they hold no water.
Ferguson is quoted to have said:"I keep reading about this, there's absolutely nothing at all to that [reports of United's interest in the player]"
However, the manager then went on to add some more doubt to the situation, as he insisted that Milan were not willing to sell the player.
 "First of all I don't think Inter Milan are prepared to sell him anyway.”
"You get conjecture and you get speculation every week in newspapers unfortunately. And we have to answer these for some reason - why, I don't know, but we have to find a reason without adding insult to any particular club, or embarrassing any particular
player. There's nothing we can do about it."
These last few lines, that Ferguson has stated, add some serious doubt to his initial stance. The manager seems to be stressing over the fact that Inter Milan are not willing to sell the player and makes us wonder if he would go ahead and make a move for
the player, if the team were willing to negotiate.
United have been linked with a move for Sneijder, for nearly two months now. The team has been on the look out to land a central midfielder, ever since
It was previously reported that United’s executives were holding meetings with Inter Milan and Sneijder’s representatives, in order to wrap up a potential deal, before the end of the week. However, with Ferguson’s latest comments, it seems like that is not
going to happen, any more.
Nonetheless, at the same time, it kind of feels like Ferguson is really just trying to make everyone look the other way, so that he can strike up a deal for the midfielder in peace.



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