Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso ready to take big risks to score wins in 2011 Formula 1 season

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Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso ready to take big risks to score wins in 2011 Formula 1 season
Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso has said that he is willing to take some big risks in the ongoing 2011 Formula 1 season in order to score more victories following his first win of the season at the British Grand Prix.
Ferrari are struggling to perform at their best this season as Red Bull Racing have been dominating the campaign with their outstanding technology and with Sebastian Vettel’s consistently fast performance so far.
However, both McLaren and Ferrari have occasionally outshone the defending champions as well as Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton have also secured a victory each in the season.
“We will tackle the races one at a time, trying to win as many as possible. This will also involve taking a few more risks and maybe it will happen that we pay a high price for that, but there is no alternative. We are definitely not giving up, but we must
not think about the championship: as [Luca di] Montezemolo said yesterday in Maranello, we are keeping our feet on the ground,” the Spaniard told the media.
The team recently introduced some major upgrades to its cars which are believed to be the main reason for the pace improvement which was quite evident at Silverstone as the former world champion finished 16 seconds ahead of the two Red Bull Racing drivers.
Nevertheless, Alonso claims that Ferrari are not giving up and they are going to try their best to close the gap with Red Bull Racing in the drivers’ standings at least.
“There were definitely some major improvements on the car, which mean it feels much easier to drive now and you can feel it much more stuck to the ground than before, especially in the fast corners,” he said.  
The upcoming German Grand Prix is going to be quite interesting now since the blown diffuser rule changes have been sorted out and both McLaren and Ferrari are also performing at their best.



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