Is Kurt Thomas the right choice for the New York Knicks at the centre position? (Part-3)

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Is Kurt Thomas the right choice for the New York Knicks at the centre position? (Part-3)
Disadvantage: Kurt Thomas’ versatility cannot be guaranteed
All of the disadvantages are linked with the age factor for the veteran power forward Kurt Thomas as his versatility cannot be guaranteed in the coming future. Although the influential centre Kurt Thomas has kept the reputation
of a versatile player in nearly two decades of action in the world of NBA however a notable decline was seen in his athleticism recently which is the essence for a versatile player. Thomas’ jump shots were not as fascinating in the last season with the Chicago
Bulls and his running on the court has lacked the spark as well.
Other than that, Kurt is still going to be a handy player for the New York Knicks and has the potential to guide the team in the NBA Finals in the couple of more seasons that are left in his career.
Advantage: Kurt Thomas fulfils New York Knicks’ trade concept      
New Orleans Hornets instrumental point guard Chris Paul is also on the list of the New York Knicks to add up some strength on their roster. However, the Knicks are pretty clear that they will offer a one-year contract this summer
to the free agents including Paul.
Considering the situation, Thomas will also be looking to sign a one year deal with a team as he is quite uncertain about playing beyond the next season. So the New York Knicks don’t have to convince the big man Kurt for a one
year agreement.
Secondly, Thomas can be acquired at a much reasonable contract as compared to the other trades that are available in the market. The Knicks might offer Thomas more due to the respect they have for him and what he has done for the
franchise, however he still will be available at a reasonable agreement.
Disadvantage: Kurt Thomas is not a long-term option

As discussed earlier, the 38-year-old Thomas is in the final phase of his career and won’t be playing the game for a longer period. Kurt has already indicated that he might be playing one more year before the retirement which makes
him a short-term option for any team. This mean Thomas will be a temporary option for the team at the centre position.
Thomas is the oldest player in the league with a significant experience and he can teach New York Knicks all the tricks of the game in the next season.
Conclusion: Kurt Thomas is the right choice at the moment       
Taking into consideration the major elements, the veteran centre Kurt Thomas is a right choice for the New York Knicks at the moment. Thomas has spent the best time of his career with the city and will be providing the veteran
leadership and enormous experience to a young New York.
New York’s fans love Kurt and the Knicks have a great respect for the legendary player. So Thomas is a decent fit for the team now as the Knicks will benefit from his extra special talent.



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