Bixente Lizarazu hails Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery- Bundesliga news

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Bixente Lizarazu hails Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery- Bundesliga news
Former Bayern Munich defender Bixente Lizarazu has hailed winger Franck Ribery and insisted that the player has the potential to become of the best players in the world. He stated that the player has been making some good progress
in the past few months after making a return from injury and can get even better in the future.
Ribery has started the current season brilliantly and has played a vital role in the club’s sensational run in the current campaign. Bayern Munich have started the season brilliantly and have only lost once in the Bundesliga so
far. They are also leading the Group-A ahead of the likes of Manchester City,
Lizarazu claimed that Ribery has the potential to become a world-class player if he continues to perform like this. He insisted that the Frenchman has been on a terrific run and can still improve. The former defender admitted that
the Bayern Munich midfielder has been plagued with injury problems otherwise he would have been on a totally different level.
“Once he's fit, he's capable of being a world-class player. He's been making definite progress over the past three months and he's still improving. He's quick on the ball again and his defensive work has got noticeably better,”
he was quoted as saying in an interview.
However, the former French international admitted that Ribery still has a long way to go to become the player he was in 2007. He added that the midfielder was a nightmare for the defences back then and was unstoppable at that time.
“In 2007 he was going past opponents at will, he was virtually unstoppable at the time. As soon as he got possession, the alarm bells were ringing in the opposition defence. But he still needs more time before he's able to go full
throttle in every game,” he concluded.
Bixente Lizarazu made 174 league appearances for Bayern Munich and scored eight goals in the process. The player also has 97 international caps to his name and found the net on two occasions.



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