Kenny Dalglish claims Andy Carroll will not be judged by his goal tally – EPL News

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Kenny Dalglish claims Andy Carroll will not be judged by his goal tally – EPL News
Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish has stated Andy Carroll’s current form will not judged from his goals tally and has claimed that the club is satisfied with the Englishman’s performance in the ongoing 2011/12 Barclays Premier League season.
The 22-year-old striker, who was transferred to from Newcastle United in a multi million deal, has failed to make an impact at the Anfield club. In his first seven appearances of the new season, the English striker scored only one goal, which game
against Exeter City in the Carling Cup tie.
After going through 11 hours of playtime without scoring a goal in the Premier League, Carroll finally managed to get off the mark against Everton last weekend.  
Dalglish has revealed that the English striker has worked extremely hard in the training and believes that the English striker fully deserved to get a goal against
The Scotsman told the reporters, “The big 'un [Carroll] has worked really hard in training and that is his reward for it.”
The Reds boss believes that the former Newcastle United man has been very unlucky in the last few games as he came very close to scoring on numerous occasions but failed to find the back of the net.
Dalglish believes that Carroll’s confidence will be boosted after getting the first goal of the season.
"He had a couple of headers beforehand and was unlucky last week when he hit the post. He was getting closer and to see him get in the box and score one with his feet was good for us as well," the Merseyside boss added.
Carroll started against Everton and Dalglish has expressed his satisfaction over the former Newcastle United striker getting his first goal of the season. However, the Liverpool boss has claimed that the 22-year-old’s performances will not be judged on goals.
"He likes to play and score goals. He played, we won and everyone is happy. He has probably done better in games where he didn't score than he did against Everton. But he is not going to be judged on goals," Kenny Dalglish concluded.



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