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What makes employees happy? I Would like to find tips and strategies for making my employees happy. I have talked to payroll to make sure it is online and i am planning to provide lots of benefits to make sure employee turnover is not high. Would love to hear from others on what i can do to have happy work environment.

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  1. Tina Marshal

    Part of our success of any company is that it only hires mature people emotionally committed to their own self-knowledge. mostly because if you do not know yourself,  you do not know how to generate your own motivation and happiness.   When you expect others to motivate you and make you happy, it doesn’t lost long.  Hiring the right people to begin with is a key but that will not always happen.  

    The goal should be that your employees have no reason to complain about their working conditions and they have environment to learn from.  Only then can your employees focus on giving their best for themselves and for you.  Even in the height of the crisis, we know that the welfare of our income statement is directly proportional to the emotional well-being of our employees.

    The best thing that makes empolyees happy is, how you and others treat them at work.

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