what do john terry and tiger woods have in common?

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what do john terry and tiger woods have in common? beside both being very good players, what else do they have in common.




  1. Rumour is that Wayne Bridge spent a weeks wages paying Cadbury to use there chocolate to make a replica of his p***s for his wife. His wife took a bite, appreciated the act of kindness but replied saying 'I would have preferred a Chocolate Terry over that any day'

  2. Both players have hit the headlines in recent weeks for unfortunate reasons. Tiger Woods' car crash last year led to a slew of speculation, and then revelations about Woods private life - the golfer is alleged to have had affairs with multiple women behind his wife's back. Woods apologised to his family and his fans via a statement on his website, and has taken an indefinite break from golf for the time being; he's also reported to be spending time in a sexual addiction clinic.

    John Terry is also married (and won the Daddy of the year award in 200), but  the Chelsea and England captain is said to have had an affair with a model. The story is complicated by the fact that the model was an ex-girlfriend of one of Terry's team mates, Wayne Bridge. Fabio Capello may make the decision to strip Terry of the England captaincy later today.

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