Who will win the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

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Shall I put a bet on Spain, what are there chances?




  1. England will be the champs

  2. I reckon Spain will win it but as the poster above has said Brazil, England, Argentina and Italy are all being tipped as potential winners.  If you want to see my predicitions and what the rest of the world think about who will the 2010 World Cup read on at
  3. Wallis
    Spain are among the favourites, and for good reason. The Euro 2008 champions have been superb over the last few years; but the problem of burnout could crop up this summer.

    Many of the Spanish players have hardly had a break since 2007 because of last summer's Confederations' Cup, and there is the chance that some of their stars will be worn out by the time they get to South Africa.

    The likes of Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Germany and even England are being touted as potential winners of this year's tournament.

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