Philipp Lahm: I would not have done what John Terry did

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The Bayern Munich skipper has criticised the defender for kneeing Alexis Sanchez in the UEFA Champions League semi-final.
Lahm claimed that he would not have done what did as that would have affected the team in a huge way. He insisted that Terry should have taken some responsibility of being the captain of the side as his actions have
certainly damaged his team’s chances in the final.
John Terry was sent off after kneeing Barcelona’sánchez-c4979 in the second-leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-final. The defender was shown a straight red card which has ruled him out of the final to be played at Allianz
Arena this Saturday.
Lahm admitted that his side’s only focus currently is to win the Champions League final against the Blues. He added that his side is determined ahead of the final and will give their all to secure a positive result in front of
the home fans.
“Would I describe it as irresponsible? Let's just say I would never have done something like that. It simply wouldn't have happened to me. Our only focus is on winning and we are not too interested in who might be playing for Chelsea
or who might not be,” he was quoted as saying in an interview.
On the other hand, the German international denied claims that Terry’s absence from the final would be an advantage for Bayern Munich. He insisted that his side also has some important players missing from the game which include
the likes of
“I wouldn't say it is an advantage for us that Chelsea will be without their captain. We are missing players who have been key to us reaching the final, like Holger Badstuber, Luiz Gustavo and David Alaba, so we have suffered as
well,” he concluded.
Bayern Munich and Chelsea will be without some crucial players for the final. The English side faces a defensive dilemma as are doubtful with injuries whereas Terry is out through suspension.
The Blues will also be without for the game.



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