Carlo Ancelotti refuses to comment on John Terry’s England captaincy saga

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Carlo Ancelotti refuses to comment on John Terry’s England captaincy saga
Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has decided keep his mum on Capello’s plan of reinstating John Terry as captain of the Three Lions.
The Chelsea defender was previously stripped of his position as the team captain following allegations of an affair with the girlfriend of teammate Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand was made the captain of the squad after the scandal.
However, with Ferdinand sidelined due to injury in recent weeks, John Terry looks set to regain the armband once more. Fabio Capello recently revealed that he planned to meet to discuss the matter, claiming that he was considering relieving
the injured Ferdinand of his captaincy in order to reinstate John Terry.
It seems that almost everyone has an opinion about the controversial move, but Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti refuses to be drawn into commenting on the matter. The Blues boss claimed he is only concerned with John Terry’s performances on the pitch, simply
stating that Terry would be happy to lead his country once again.
Speaking on the England captaincy saga, Ancelotti said, “I didn't say anything when the England team took away his armband. Obviously, this is the decision of the national team and he will be happy about this.”
Ancelotti did not follow Capello’s lead when John Terry’s affair surfaced. The Blues’ boss did not strip the defender of the club captaincy following the scandal. Ancelotti has repeatedly stated that he is not interested in what his players do off the pitch,
as long as they give it their all in their performances for the club. He insisted that has the makings of a leader.
The Chelsea manager added, “I'm just interested in seeing him (John Terry) train well and play fantastic football at this moment, that’s all. He is a Chelsea man, he is a player. He has fantastic experience, he has personality to be captain here.”
Chelsea are currently in fourth place in the English Premier League standings, 9 points behind leaders Manchester United.



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