Wayne Bridge should forgive John Terry.

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Wayne Bridge should forgive John Terry. first and foremost we are all humans and we make mistakes. second, only time people look out side for satisfaction when they are not getting it at home. if Wayne was not too busy partying with other hotties and paid more attention to his partner, she would not have looked elsewhere for her needs.

lets face it, if it was not John it would have been someone else. we live in a world that is just too fast at blaming others. i'm not saying what she did with John terry was right or john is not at fault but if you were to lock me in a room with someone hot and she wants me; trust me i would know very fast and it would be hard for me not to get in at first, very hard if it keeps on happening and almost impossible for it to not get to the next level if she jumps me.

like most men i got two head problem; one head tells me to stop and other head tells me to go for it. and guess what; the two heads are always battling each-other for control, you win some and you lose some. in john's case it was the wrong head that won and i think Wayne should look at the whole situation and learn.



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