I've read prostate massage is beneficial for a man's health as well as pleasurable?

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It sounds gayish to me, but then again I can be wrong




  1. Sure is.  Get your wife, gf, whatever to strap one on and massage your prostate, you'll love it.

  2. Correct in both accounts.  Most men don't want someone probing around in that area for that connatation.  The woman doesn't have to penetrate the r****m just stimulate the area between the s*****m and r****m with a little pressure.  

  3. Prostate massage has not been determined by research to provide any health benefits. Some men do find it pleasurable. Prostate health is best assured by eating low fat, vegetable-focused diets.

  4. Don't do this unless a Doctor has advised you that you have an enlarged prostate and prescribed this to assist in reducing its size.

    You could do serious damage by doing a prostate massage incorrectly.  Don't go there.

  5. not really beneficial, but WOW, it can be pleasurable.

    I came without even touching my p***s!

    Its your body try it out. Whats "g*y" about it? Not like your asking your male buddy to stick his p***s up there.

    Go buy a small vibrator, and some lube and try it. Then you will know for yourself.

    Like I said I have tried it, And my eyes just rolled back in my head. and after a few minutes....yeah you know lol!

    Didn't even need to touch my p***s.

    But like I said its your body, pleasure yourself in any way you can.

  6. Yes you could be. Don't condemn it until you've tried it.

  7. Its not g*y its awesome and beneficial do some research

  8. It involves someone inserting their finger into your a**s, but the gayness pretty much stops there.  They put the finger facing up and rub in a circular motion just inside.  This is what women's g-spots are made of, just the residual prostate organ that man has.  It's always healthy to have an o****m, especially one that blows your pipes out once in a while.

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