World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE): Kofi Kingston vs. Mark Henry

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE): Kofi Kingston vs. Mark Henry
It was a combination of professional experience and raw talent when the NXT rookies and their assigned professional wrestlers stood under one roof. It was the second season of the NXT wrestling. It is a show where young talent is invited to compete for an opportunity at the biggest stage of them all. The winner of NXT then gets an opportunity to become the next breakout star of WWE and fight any champion of his choice in a “Pay per View” tournament. This competition is not only among the NXT rookies but also amongst various professional wrestlers as the winning rookies add to the prestige of their mentors.

This time round, it was Lucky Cannon and Michael McGillicutty who got the chance to make an impact in professional wrestling. One win in the WWE can make them famous all over the world. All the mentors and professional wrestlers were sitting on the start of the ramp and were closely monitoring the rookies. Their votes were important to determine the future of these rookies. Every move of the rookies was monitored in a calculated manner. It was decided that the two rookies will compete in a tag team match and will pair up with their respective mentors.

Michael McGillicutty teamed up with his mentor - the Intercontinental champion - Kofi Kingston. Kofi Kingston will be defending his title in a Fatal Four Way ‘Pay per View’ tournament on this Sunday. Kofi needed a win to build some momentum for the title. Kofi Kingston and Michael McGillicutty entered the ring and received the cheers from the crowd. Michael McGillicutty is the third generation super star and son of the former Inter – continental champion Mr. Perfect. Michael McGillicutty thinks that his family’s experience and ruthlessness will bring him success in the ring.

Next to enter the arena were the strongest man in the World, Mark Henry along with rookie tag team partner Lucky Cannon. Lucky Cannon’s world view is different from Michael McGillicutty as Cannon thinks that he will be riding his luck as he fights to win the NXT wrestling season 2. Moreover, Lucky Cannon’s mentor mark Henry claimed that he will put in his best effort to train his rookie so that he can win the contest.

Both teams squared off against each other in the ring. Mark Henry signalled that he wants to fight Michael McGillicutty in the start of the match. Michael McGillicutty did not show any signs of fear as he entered the ring and faced the strongest man in the world. But the power of Mark Henry proved too much for Michael McGillicutty as Henry delivered some hard punches to Michael’s face. Mark Henry then picked Michael McGillicutty like a small toy and slammed his body on the ring floor. This was the welcome which Mark Henry gave to the new rookie.

Mark Henry tagged Lucky Cannon who received some hard blows from Michael McGillicutty on the face and abdomen. Kofi Kingston joined the treat when he landed on the arm of Lucky Cannon. Both Michael McGillicutty and Kofi Kingston then proceeded to execute a kick on the shoulder of Mark Henry. Things started to go bad for the team of Lucky Cannon. Lucky Cannon did not prove to be lucky that night as he tried to go for a cross body slam on Michael McGillicutty. Michael McGillicutty was quick in his response and moved out from the range of the body slam.

Luck Cannon was distracted and this was the time when Michael McGillicutty proved how ruthless he could be. Michael McGillicutty grabbed the neck of Lucky Cannon and executed a swinging neck breaker and quickly went for the cover. There was no way Lucky could kick out from it and he lost the match as the referee finished the match.  Michael McGillicutty won his first match on NXT but the journey is long and can involve tougher matches and tougher competitors who will put their careers on the line to win in the second season of NXT.



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