FIFA World Cup : Spain wants to live up to fan expectations by destroying Honduras

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FIFA World Cup : Spain wants to live up to fan expectations by destroying Honduras 

European champions Spain were embarrassed by a magnificent performance by Switzerland when they lost 1-0 in what is perhaps the biggest upset of FIFA World Cup history. Spain, having perhaps Europe’s greatest talent cramped into one all star team, couldn’t manage to contain an unknown Switzerland side. Honduras also lost to an extremely impressive Chile side, which may have won 3 or 4 nil given the chances they wasted. They still managed to secure all three points in a 1-0 victory. Honduras would also look to exploit the dejected state the La Roja side may be after a disappointing defeat to the Swiss.

Spain’s side needs no introduction, they have a complete team. They have perhaps the best goal keeper in the form of Iker Casillas, boasting Barcelona’s top defenders Carlos Puyol and Gerrard Pique. Real Madrid’s top right back Sergio Ramos and pacy left back Arbeloa partner their La liga rivals in defence. Xabi Alonso, Xavi and Iniesta then take the reins in midfield, with pacy and extremely talented David Silva taking the right wing. They have perhaps the best striking partnership in the world, with Fernando Torres and David Villa having the talent to score almost at will. The substitute’s bench is also booming with talent, with Arsenal Captain Cesc Fabregas, not even finding the place to play in the first team.

Pedro has scored 21 times with Barcelona this year and Mata, who is the emerging talent of the nation, also sat beside Fabregas waiting to play a couple of minutes on the field. Call it misfortune or bad luck, Spain needs to shake the cob webs and utilize the extreme talent of their players to avenge their defeat to Switzerland.

Honduras also needs to ameliorate their game after a disappointing performance against Chile. They have however difficulties in squad selection as Coach Reinaldo Rueda, has had to replace key midfielder Julio Cesar de Leon with Jerry Palacios, brother of fellow squad members Wilson and Jhony. Meanwhile, Genoa striker David Suazo’s involvement remains in doubt, though he is making good progress in his recovery from a right-thigh injury.

Honduras coach was unimpressed by the performance of Spain claimed “We were beaten by the best and most difficult team in the group (Chile), Honduras are capable of playing better (than against Chile).” Honduras played a convincing qualifying campaign which bought them a ticket to South Africa, and would look to learn from their mistakes against Chile. The two sides have met once before, 28 years ago and there was no winner in a 1-1 draw.

Spain has claimed that they will not change their style of play for points. The Liverpool Striker reported, “The important thing now is to stay true to our style of play, which is what has made us a winning team." He further stated that they can’t afford to lose their heads at this point in the game by changing strategies and their approach. They believe that if they're destined to go down, then they will go down their way. 

Spain would look to dish out all its frustrations and anger on the injured Honduras side, and regain the formidable form that made them the pre tournament favourites. They need to play another striker or attacking midfield in order to score more goals and ensure their superiority. The lethal form of Fernando Torres in Liverpool, even after the lengthy and thwarting injuries, may prove too hot to contain. He is 100% fit, having recovered from his recent injuries. He would want to be in the starting line-up, partnering the in-form newly signed Barcelona striker David Villa. Both of them have personal aims as well to get on the scoring sheet, in order to have a shot at the Golden Boot; but their main concern should be to take Spain to the next round.

Honduras needs to be very tight in defence, as Spain would come with all guns blazing. La H only stand a chance to frustrate Spain on counter attack, as Spain looks to employ most players up field. This may be the only area Spain might be vulnerable. However, Spain’s all round talent, ability and skill that each of its world class players possess may prove too much for Honduras. Spain, with their classy style of play would confuse Honduras’s defence and it would only be a matter of time before Spain would find the back of the net.

A comfortable win can be expected from Spain, who may run riot and prove their mettle at the expense of a rather unknown Honduras side. If Spain, however, looses, they would be forced out of the world cup, and the world cup would be without the biggest talents of Europe at such an early stage.



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